UK & Ireland Featured Project: FT Pipeline Systems - Integrated Management System (1254)

QEM Solutions used their understanding of the water industry to develop a management system that satisfied the requirements of ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004 and OHSAS 18001:2007. QEM Solutions continue to manage and improve the organisations processes both on a corporate and project specific level.

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Overseas Featured Project: Capita Symonds - Valve Inspections

QEM Solutions were contracted to carry 3rd party inspection and witnessing activities on a series of valves fabricated in Germany for a series of SGN contracts throughout Scotland.

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We are QEM Solutions We are QEM Solutions

We are problem solvers. We are organisers. From the project start-up to the very final evaluations and analysis, we can bring enthusiasm to each and every part of your project.


News Spotlight The Safety of Pipelines: Keeping the country running

The UK energy industry relies on unseen assets to keep it ticking over. Buried deep below ground, often carrying hazardous substances, and frequently managed by different operators, pipelines quietly provide our country’s energy needs and more. But how do we ensure that they’re safe, compliant, and conform to a standard that makes the whole thing work for the greater good?


Technical Consultancy

Design Process Compliance

Design Process Compliance

The role of a designer just gets harder. More complex designs. Tighter deadlines. What is needed is a better design process to aid them along with some good, old fashioned clear methodology, competence and hard work.

Our design process compliance consultancy provides this methodology. It encompasses all relevant and current influencing factors e.g. client specifications, industry standards, best practice and regulation compliance. And it gives clear and logical steps to manage the design objectives in an efficient and effective manner.

Using this service allows you to:  

  • Identify and map out the key project aims and milestones
  • Understand and digest all relevant specifications and design requirements 
  • Identification of the design strategy 
  • Identify processes and have assurance of design traceability 
  • Identify key risks relating to the design, construction and maintenance of the facility / structure from a health, safety, environmental perspective with a safety by design approach. 
  • Verify the design risks (HAZID, HAZOP, HAZCON, HAZDEM) through our tried and tested integrated approach to Formal Process Safety Assessments (FPSA) procedures in line with client requirements and using our approved QEM chairman
  • Ensure the design and the design process is compliant in accordance with the Construction, Design and Management Regulations 2015 including providing principal designer duties and CDM advisors.
  • Have a clear and effective approach to managing design contractors from tendering, tender analysis and recommendation, design checks, approvals, auditing and verification of compliance and where necessary validation of integrated approach to design. 
  • Develop a clear and concise project design plans

Benefits include:

  • Confidence in CDM compliance 
  • Compliance with all relevant legislation and international standards
  • Development of risk mitigation by design to ensure safe buildability and operability
  • Ad-hoc, part-time and full time resources as required
  • We use practical site experienced design managers / engineers with the technical understanding of the clients' management system to develop an integrated design process that will also assist the contractors.
  • Use of simple, tried and tested design tools to assist managing your design projects.