UK & Ireland Featured Project: Cadent Mineral Blue / isCompliant Implementation (1603)

QEM Solutions have been assisting Cadent Gas with the implementation of our Mineral Blue and isCompliant software. By developing a bespoke connection between the two suites, QEM were able to establish a streamlined process for gathering project milestone achievements. Balancing these achievements with audit and inspection results have enabled Cadent to to get a true measure of project success.

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Overseas Featured Project: Capita Symonds - Valve Inspections

QEM Solutions were contracted to carry 3rd party inspection and witnessing activities on a series of valves fabricated in Germany for a series of SGN contracts throughout Scotland.

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We are QEM Solutions We are QEM Solutions

We are problem solvers. We are organisers. From the project start-up to the very final evaluations and analysis, we can bring enthusiasm to each and every part of your project.


News Spotlight The Safety of Pipelines: Keeping the country running

The UK energy industry relies on unseen assets to keep it ticking over. Buried deep below ground, often carrying hazardous substances, and frequently managed by different operators, pipelines quietly provide our country’s energy needs and more. But how do we ensure that they’re safe, compliant, and conform to a standard that makes the whole thing work for the greater good?


Technical Consultancy

Design Process Compliance

Our design process compliance consultancy provides this methodology, competence and hard work. It encompasses all relevant and current influencing factors e.g. client specifications, industry standards, best practice and regulation compliance. And it gives clear and logical steps to manage the design objectives in an efficient and effective manner.

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Formal Process Safety Assessments

Formal Process Safety Assessments can take many different forms depending on the industry you are in. QEM can provide structured and refreshingly beneficial processes and chaired assessments for HAZCON's, HAZOPS, HAZID's and HAZDEM's. We are registered chairpersons for many of the energy & utilities providers.

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Technical Specification and Procedure Writing

Often overlooked, the writing of a good technical specification or procedure can mean the difference between a safe or compliant asset and one that cannot be adopted or operated. These can range from work instructions to technical specifications defining the minimum engineering requirements for a piece of apparatus,

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Vendor Approval, Inspection and Expediting

You have no doubt been there, had a project delayed or stopped due to lack of materials or wrong delivery. Even something as simple as wrong certification. It's easily done – and extremely frustrating. Now imagine that being someone else's responsibility. Give the procurement to the QEM Solutions team.

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Project Closure & Handover Consultancy

Most people call it 'Tea & Biscuits Time.' Not us. We don't let it drag out. It's time to get the client's final invoice submitted early. This means that at the end of the project everyone is left with a very good impression, just in time for the next one!

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Project Start Up Consultancy

It's the start of the project. And everyone just wants to get stuck in. So start up consultancy is the kind of job that most people don't like doing, or don't have time to do. However, without a good start up plan, we all know that there will be standing time and increased project costs.

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Quality Control and Verification

As clients and contractors we are obliged to vet and monitor our suppliers and the quality of materials / workmanship to ensure that their equipment or goods have been manufactured in accordance with the relevant specifications. It's a key part of project quality control. It can stop valuable delays later down the line and reduce construction costs.

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Welding, Coating and Painting

It doesn't matter how well you have designed your asset. If you have not controlled the construction activities that impact on integrity, then the asset will never have the expected design life. In addition to this, you could be dramatically increasing the likelihood of a safety or environmental incident due to asset failure.

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Ignition Hazard Assessments (Non Electrical - EN 80079) (DSEAR)

Ignition hazard Assessments have been commonplace in the industry for many years, with the primary focus on electrical equipment. QEM can carry out ignition hazard and DSEAR assessments for both electrical and non-electrical equipment.

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Risk Management

Often the subject of ridicule, risk management is a serious business and a tool that has become an essential requirement in business, design and construction. Here at QEM Solutions we address risk management in a logical and methodical manner. The result? A definite increase in the probability of success of project, apparatus and infrastructure.

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Feasibility Studies

Even at this early stage, QEM take into account the full life cycle of the project; from design, construction and commissioning through to operation, maintenance and decommissioning. We ensure all elements have been considered for suitability.

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