UK & Ireland Featured Project: NGN - Design Management

QEM Solutions are assisting NGN with Design Co-ordination activities, to ensure successful project initiation and design management of all current NGN projects.

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Overseas Featured Project: Capita Symonds - Valve Inspections

QEM Solutions were contracted to carry 3rd party inspection and witnessing activities on a series of valves fabricated in Germany for a series of SGN contracts throughout Scotland.

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We are QEM Solutions We are QEM Solutions

We are problem solvers. We are organisers. From the project start-up to the very final evaluations and analysis, we can bring enthusiasm to each and every part of your project.

We are problem solvers. We are organisers. From the project start-up to the very final evaluations and analysis, we can bring enthusiasm to each and every part of your project.

News Spotlight The forgotten standard: Why we can no longer ignore BS EN 80079-36

ATEX 95 (94/9/EC) & 137 (99/92/EC) required that organisations in the EU should follow the directives to protect employees from explosion risk in areas with an explosive atmosphere. They required that such organisations should carry out risk assessments on equipment located within hazardous areas for potential ignition sources. Large swathes of UK industry did nothing very much in response...


Project Services

Technical Writing

Technical Writing

Our Technical Writers are experienced Engineers and their deeper understanding offers necessary value to the start of a new venture.

Often relied upon by or clients in previous projects, our Technical Writers have grown to become the information hub of the Engineering and Quality Departments.

Increasingly, construction projects are being delayed due to incorrect or overdue documentation and lengthy approval processes. To counter this, QEM Solutions develop and modify the required documentation, but also manage the document approval process with the Client to prevent additional delays through contention.

Specific Technical Writer responsibilities can be found below;

  • Modification of existing method statements / construction procedures where applicable. 
  • Review of existing working practices. 
  • Review of contract requirements in relation to existing working practices. 
  • Development of written methodology describing safe systems of work in relation to both contract and legislative requirements. 
  • Monitoring & recording of document status. 
  • Producing status reports of document approvals (both for internal and client issue).
  • Development of relevant risk assessments in relation to work methodologies produced. 
  • Identification of gaps in information in relation to project deliverables. 
  • Liaison with construction personnel to ensure suitable working methodologies identified at design stage are practical and can be carried out in a safe manner.
  • Liaison with client to develop and maintain a schedule for documentation review. 
  • Managing the required output of documentation in relation to the contracted program of works.

Benefits include;

  • Management and approval of all documentation in accordance with construction milestone dates.
  • Quality documentation being produced that is relevant and useful to all parties involved. 
  • Reduced likelihood of incident / accident due to realistic safe working practice being communicated to relevant parties. 
  • Reduced likelihood of method statements delaying construction activities.

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