UK & Ireland Featured Project: Cadent Mineral Blue / isCompliant Implementation (1603)

QEM Solutions have been assisting Cadent Gas with the implementation of our Mineral Blue and isCompliant software. By developing a bespoke connection between the two suites, QEM were able to establish a streamlined process for gathering project milestone achievements. Balancing these achievements with audit and inspection results have enabled Cadent to to get a true measure of project success.

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Overseas Featured Project: Capita Symonds - Valve Inspections

QEM Solutions were contracted to carry 3rd party inspection and witnessing activities on a series of valves fabricated in Germany for a series of SGN contracts throughout Scotland.

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News Spotlight Health & Safety Management – A vital standard, and a flexible career for our changing world

For some companies, Health & Safety Management may just be an annoyance – an additional responsibility that’s considered only in the days preceding an audit, or – worse still – after an accident has happened. However, we think differently. We need someone to help us bring H&S centre stage throughout our business. Are you right for us?



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22 Apr 2019

Fast, safe isolations. No longer a Mission Impossible.

At QEM right now, we’re excitedly preparing for Utility Week Live in Birmingham 21-22 May.

Find us at stand G42!

The reason we’re going?

We’re showing off our brilliant new Safe Work System, Mineral Blue.

MIneral Blue is made of 5 modules. One of which is called iSOL8, that carries out on-site isolations quickly, securely, and remotely. ( we will tell you about the other 4 over teh next few weeks as we work up to the event!!!)

iSOL8 is an integrated safe system of work (iSSOW) that doesn’t just manage the onsite isolation process, but stores essential information in the blockchain, too. (Don’t be scared – blockchain is the way forward).

The benefits of using iSOL8? Improved compliance, speedier isolations, safer workers, reduced downtime, more product shipped, data irrevocably stored, money saved. Kerching. You can even use iSOL8 with just a smartphone, it’s that agile.

See iSOL8 in action

Tempted? Come to stand G42 to get your hands on iSOL8, and actually try it out for yourself. Spoiler alert: Mission Impossible fans will be in their element, and others with fond memories of Top Gear’s ‘Star in a reasonably priced car’ may get nostalgic, too. But we promise to leave the dodgy Levis at home.

Your name on our leader board

So, now it’s up to you. Get your tickets for Utility Week Live here, and come visit stand G42. Then, get ready to challenge colleagues and competitors alike. Who will carry out the fastest isolation using our software and demo ‘site’? Yes indeed, there shall be prizes.

Just one more thing: this blog will self-destruct in five seconds.