UK & Ireland Featured Project: Weld Inspection & Consultancy United Utilities Thirlmere (1737)

QEM Solutions were asked by United Utilities to assist with the review of the welding process and associated with the provision of the innovative steel E-joint.

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Overseas Featured Project: Capita Symonds - Valve Inspections

QEM Solutions were contracted to carry 3rd party inspection and witnessing activities on a series of valves fabricated in Germany for a series of SGN contracts throughout Scotland.

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10 Nov 2021

COP26 – Our part in a UK Net Zero future

As world leaders turn for home after the opening days of COP26, leaving their teams to thrash out the difficult details, climate change is at the front of everyone’s minds.

The terms ‘carbon’, ‘fossil fuels’ and even ‘beef’ have almost become dirty words. A difficult time, you might think, for companies like QEM Solutions, whose roots lie in the oil and gas industry. However, we’ve been quietly working towards the UK’s net zero aims for quite some time. Here’s how.

Hydrogen for clean energy

The BBC daily briefings from COP26 are full of chatter about hydrogen, and its role in a UK Net Zero future. Because hydrogen can be combusted in a way that produces no greenhouse gas emissions, it’s critical for delivering this aim, with all major research expecting it to have a significant role. Alongside carbon capture and the development of hydrogen-ready domestic appliances, hydrogen can be used in the UK’s existing gas network, making it a cost-effective choice, too. At QEM, we’ve been supporting several of the major gas networks as they collaborate on the build and operation of new hydrogen and repurposed networks under the ‘Gas Goes Green’ programme. Together, these key projects will not only interconnect to help deliver a UK Net Zero, but assure Britain’s place as a world leader in large-scale decarbonisation strategies.

Read more about them here: Building back better: hydrogen’s place in our new normal.

Carbonfile – tracking our carbon footprint

If a customer were to ask – what is your business doing about carbon – how would you respond? As more people make greener choices – from consumers, to lenders and even insurers, businesses must have an answer to this question if they’re going to survive on the road to UK Net Zero. In response, we’ve designed intelligent software to help ourselves and others keep track of, and reduce, our carbon impact. Based on ISO 14064, the international standard for recording and reporting greenhouse gas emissions, Carbonfile produces two inventories: a private inventory, which only users can see; and a public inventory, which can be seen by anyone. Users have the choice to selectively publish results from their private inventory in the public one – distinguishing their business as a greener choice. Further, Carbonfile records these efforts in the blockchain, in preparation for any future carbon legislations we don’t yet know of. Just as climate change is a global emergency, managing carbon will soon become an everyday challenge for all businesses, no matter their size.

Get a head start now: Carbonfile - ISO14064 Carbon Inventory for all your carbon recording.



Helping others towards ISO 14001

For those companies who’ve come late to the Climate Emergency ‘table’, QEM can help them start making effective changes – now. We have already helped many organisations gain certification to ISO 14001:2015, the internationally recognised standard for environmental management. (And we have a 100% success rate.) By implementing an ISO 14001 compliant management system, we can support businesses as they take control of waste management, pollution prevention and emissions reduction. In turn, this will not only dramatically reduce the risk of breaching environmental legislation, but delivers an edge in our increasingly ‘climate conscious’ marketplaces.

Read more here: ISO 14001:2015 Consultant and Implementation.

QEM – always creating solutions

These are just a handful of the ways in which QEM are striving towards the UK Net Zero challenge. As we write, our developers are even working on a brand-new piece of software called GEARS, our in-house zero emissions system, enabling supply chain owners to create business rules that request their suppliers to provide full carbon information. GEARS collects data and enforces compliance as a result of normal supply chain operations. That's it. One small change. And yet, a world of difference.

As engineers in the energy industry, we believe that it’s not just good business, but our moral duty, to strive towards the UK’s Net Zero aims. Because when that day dawns, when all energy is clean, when the ice stops melting, we fully intend to still be here, evolved as a company, thriving as a business, and celebrating – just a little – too.

See you there.