UK & Ireland Featured Project: NGN - Design Management

QEM Solutions are assisting NGN with Design Co-ordination activities, to ensure successful project initiation and design management of all current NGN projects.

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Overseas Featured Project: Capita Symonds - Valve Inspections

QEM Solutions were contracted to carry 3rd party inspection and witnessing activities on a series of valves fabricated in Germany for a series of SGN contracts throughout Scotland.

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We are QEM Solutions We are QEM Solutions

We are problem solvers. We are organisers. From the project start-up to the very final evaluations and analysis, we can bring enthusiasm to each and every part of your project.

We are problem solvers. We are organisers. From the project start-up to the very final evaluations and analysis, we can bring enthusiasm to each and every part of your project.

News Spotlight From Blackmail to Human Rights: how we created encryption for honest people

It might not be widely known, but QEM Solutions incubate a small, creative company called Light Blue Blockchain, who entered the awards with their socially responsible encryption app, Light Blue. This prototype app and technology platform could be key in protecting the UK from both terrorist attack and cybercrime.


Consultancy Services

Software Solutions

Now we’re not prone to overstatement. But every now and again a technology quite literally blows you away. Changes the way you work - for the better. We’re so excited about our latest discovery and the impact it can have on the oil, gas, mining and construction industry, we just can’t keep it to ourselves.

Here at QEM solutions, we were searching for a solution to maximise efficiency and minimise the time taken by vital management information. An effective way to deal with legislation, logistics, assessments, audits and staff involved in engineering projects.

We knew there had to be a better, more efficient way of working. So we started searching. Our search took us right across the globe. Literally. Here we discovered Nimbus Cube.

Nimbus Cube build cloud and mobile systems – very clever ones. Clever because, although they are very complex in their capabilities, they are extremely simple to use.

We knew that this could be a huge breakthrough for our industry. If we could tailor these solutions specifically for the oil, gas, mining and construction markets, there would be no looking back.

A year later, and after a great deal lot of collaborative work - here we are. With a range of cloud based solutions that can help your business work with clients, partners, and employees, in entirely new ways.


Welcome to a totally new way to exchange sensitive documents and talk online, using world-class encryption.

Cloudnet is seriously powerful technology for anyone who needs the benefits of strong encryption, but in a package that’s as easy to use as Windows Explorer or Skype.


The ultimate real time, carbon accounting system that will keep you in the picture.

Providing a universal language to record and report greenhouse gas inventories, cPlan uses the data model provided by ISO 14064 and aggregates this across business units, making the results instantly available to everyone involved.


Transform the way that you produce and control site permits on your projects with ePermit.

A cloud system for electronic permits, ePermit replaces the chaos of paper records, provides a single measurable place to track the people on site and allows you to take a step up in process safety.


A cutting edge software solution that enables organisations to achieve compliance with numerous international standards and to actually improve processes and profitability.

IsCompliant provides managers, auditors and quality engineers with a complete cloud-based solution for achieving ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 compliance.


Imagine being able to keep a track of every individual worker and analyse the work done on each project – all in real time.

The ultimate in timekeeping tools, with Skytime your workers can enter time spent on tasks, then electronically deliver timesheets to you.


Imagine being able to avoid irreversible cost overruns by keeping a daily track on whether your project is on time and on budget.

Webevm is an invaluable reporting tool that allows you real time access to profit and loss. It also allows you to track whether key deadlines have been hit at every stage of the project.